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Happy Holidays!

Dear HBWH Friends and Family,

We would to take this moment and thank all of you for a fabulous and successful year here at the ranch. We are grateful to all those who have volunteered their time to the cause of changing lives one hoofbeat at a time. We also want to thank our members of the community and those of who have affirmed the mission of Hoofbeats through donations of services and financial support. Without all of your help and support we would not be able to afford the care it takes for our therapy horses and provide the Equine-assisted therapies.

How You Can Help!

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit has been DOUBLED for 2016 by the Arizona State Legislature!

This means you can make a gift up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple.   Hoofbeats with Heart qualifies as an eligible charity to whom contributions may be made and the donor receives a direct credit (not a deduction) to their Arizona State Income tax at the time they file their taxes.   You can take credit for all tax credits (Charitable, School, and Foster credits).  This means you basically have zero dollars out of you pocket (because the amount of your donation will be added to your tax refund or reduce your tax liability for AZ)  when you make a $400 or $800 dollar donation to Hoofbeats.  Please note this needs to be made by 12/31/16 for this year’s taxes.

You can take a federal tax deduction (not a tax credit) for the amount donated.

How can I make a donation?
Go to (click here) and donate 400.00 as a single person and 800.00 as a married couple. Once you have your taxes you will be able to take this as a donation on your  taxes. You tax preparer will be able to help you with this process.

What do the funds go to? The funds will go to our scholarship fund t help families in our program get the much needed therapy our program provides to families in our community

Please consider giving your end-of-year tax donation to a wonderful cause so that we can continue to provide for our therapy horses. Thank you for your kind donation, Merry Christmas to you and yours and happy holidays!

Charitable Organization 501(c)3

Recognized by the Federal Government and the State of Arizona
ID#  14 1988788


Kelley Hullihen, Founder

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Hoofbeats with Heart is one of the leading providers of in home and on site therapy throughout Central Arizona. Hoofbeats with Heart has a proven track record of effective therapies based on our amazing team of therapists.

We currently have an opening for an Occupational Therapist who wants to be part of a dynamic, professional, and innovative team. We currently have openings for full and part time with full flexibility in your schedule. Our therapists can provide home health therapies or conduct equine assisted therapy at our ranch. Our ranch also has a pool available for aqua therapy.
Our OTs will provide therapy to clients as well as oversee COTAs.

Competitive Compensation

Full and part time available.

Flexible scheduling.

Full Benefits available to employees with 30 hours or more.

Continuing education for hippo (horse) therapy available.

Exciting forward thinking work environment with supportive team.


General Job Responsibilities:

– Provide Occupational Therapy Services.
– Provide comprehensive case management
– Conduct assessments accurately and collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team.
– Maintain accurate, appropriate and complete documentation for all required paperwork including progress notes, evaluation and  consultation, case    management determined by program expectations.
– Assign appropriate diagnosis and procedural codes for billing purposes.
– Review history of medical related diagnosis that supports provision of direct services.
– Maintain ongoing communication through daily review of email and phone messages.
– Attend staff meetings, team meetings as required.
– Work collaboratively with a variety of professionals, cultures, families, and socioeconomic groups.
– Engage in behavior with a high level of professionalism and ethical standards.
– Maintain state license as an Occupational Therapist.

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Charlotte is a 16-year-old Westphalian mare with a successful history in the hunter competition ring. Her show name is Dina Bella, which is German just like her roots. She was imported to the U.S. in 2006. She was purchased by the Stephens Family in 2008 when she was eight years old. With her bombproof personality, Charlotte was a safety horse giving her rider confidence from the little jumps all the way up to the bigger ones, with multiple championships on her record.

As talented and successful as she was in the show ring, and after a few years, competition just wasn’t for her anymore. To spare her any injuries and also to spare her happiness and keep her quiet personality, the Stephens Family retired her and reached out to Kelley about using her for therapy. Charlotte quickly adapted to the lifestyle and loved not having to train or do competition work anymore. As much as they loved having Charlotte at competitions, her laid back, lazy personality is much more suited for her work at Hoofbeats With Heart than it was for the show ring.

Charlotte has now hit her stride as an amazing therapy horse. The children adore her and therapist love her even temperament and patience. Charlotte’s favorite activities are mounted therapy, walks through the sensory trail and getting hand painted by her adoring students. She also loves treats in any shape or form.


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This month’s featured volunteer is Alanis Murphey! Alanis is a fifteen year old high school  sophomore who loves volunteering at Hoofbeats! She loves the accepting environment and states that the children that come to Hoofbeats with Heart for therapy are some of the sweetest she has ever met.

Alanis is currently enrolled at two different high schools so she can remain active in NJROTC. This is the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. This program simulates life in a military branch while teaching responsibility to young adults.

Alanis’s favorite part of volunteering at Hoofbeats is her involvement with the animals. Especially the horses! She believes they provide a type of therapy you can’t get from being in a room. Alanis says, “Horses help heal your heart, even if you never knew it was broken”. There is also an incredible opportunity to bond and build a relationship with the animals. Alanis loves brushing, petting, feeding and riding. She believes the impact the animals have on us is incredible. This is why she loves volunteering with Hoofbeats with Heart. It is her second home!

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PaceAt Hoofbeats with Heart, our horses are vital to our success as a therapeutic program. Hoofbeats with Heart needs your help in supporting our Equine therapy horses. Each horse costs approximately $400 a month to feed, keep and care for. We depend on generous individuals as your self to help support our horses so that we can continue to provide this unique and wonderful therapy! Every little bit helps and one time donations are always appreciated. To donate now, click here!

Individual Sponsorship Opportunities:
$25 a month – Hoofbeat Pony Partner
$50 a month – Buckaroo Sponsorship
Pick the horse you would like to provide for!
What you get; a picture of your horse with letter and name on sponsorship wall
$75 a month – Prancing Pony Sponsorship
Pick the horse you would like to provide for!
What you get; a picture of your horse with letter and name on sponsorship wall, monthly update on your horse.
$100 a month – Golden Jockey Sponsorship
Pick the horse you would like to provide for!
What you get; a picture of your horse with letter and name on sponsorship stall plaque, monthly update on your horse, welcome basket from your horse and personal invite to all HBWH functions and fund raisers.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:DSC_0851

The fund created by your kind sponsorship will help support and feed the animals that provide the specialized and unique therapies that the children are in need of.

The Hoofbeats Corporate Sponsor for a Cause Program will help keep the horses fed so they can take care of the children when they come for therapy.  Without your donations these programs will not survive.

How to become a sponsor

Sponsor a Horse for a Year –  $300.00 x 12 months = $3600.00 – Gold Level

Stall placard and banner on arena
Named on Website Banner
Sponsorship includes – feed, shoes, vet care
Sponsor a Horse for 6 Months – $300.00 x 6 months = $1800.00 – Silver Level
Stall placard and banner on arena
Named on Website Banner
Sponsorship includes – feed, shoes, vet care

Sponsor a Horse for 3 Months – $300.00 x 3 months = $900.00 – Copper Level

Stall placard and banner on arena
Named on Website Banner
Sponsorship includes – feed, shoes, vet care

Sponsor Horse for a Month – $500.00

Sponsorship includes feeding the horse for a month, farrier and vet care
Mentioned on the website as a donor
Vet care Sponsorship for a Month – $250.00
Sponsorship includes vet care
Mentioned on the website as a donor

Farrier Care Sponsorship for a Month – $100.00

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Katerina Katsanakis was born and raised in New York City. She is a first generation Greek and even spoke Greek as her first language at home. After attending honor classes at Bryan High School in Queens, Katerina knew she wanted to help people.
After studying cosmetology, Katerina decided to become a massage therapist. As a massage therapist, Katerina worked for a number of physicians, chiropractors and physical therapy clinics in Manhattan. It was at this point she decided she wanted to specialize in Physical Therapy and she pursued a degree from Hunter College.
Degree in hand, Katerina moved to Arizona where she worked all over the state as well as some in Hawaii.
Twenty years later she has worked as a therapist with children and adults in multiple settings. Katerina is certified Level 1 and 2 in hippotherapy and loves working around horses. Katerina continues her education by regularly taking courses in pediatrics, myofascial release, orthopedics, neurology and manual therapy.

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