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2016 Tax Credit

Happy Holidays!

Dear HBWH Friends and Family,

We would to take this moment and thank all of you for a fabulous and successful year here at the ranch. We are grateful to all those who have volunteered their time to the cause of changing lives one hoofbeat at a time. We also want to thank our members of the community and those of who have affirmed the mission of Hoofbeats through donations of services and financial support. Without all of your help and support we would not be able to afford the care it takes for our therapy horses and provide the Equine-assisted therapies.

How You Can Help!

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit has been DOUBLED for 2016 by the Arizona State Legislature!

This means you can make a gift up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple.   Hoofbeats with Heart qualifies as an eligible charity to whom contributions may be made and the donor receives a direct credit (not a deduction) to their Arizona State Income tax at the time they file their taxes.   You can take credit for all tax credits (Charitable, School, and Foster credits).  This means you basically have zero dollars out of you pocket (because the amount of your donation will be added to your tax refund or reduce your tax liability for AZ)  when you make a $400 or $800 dollar donation to Hoofbeats.  Please note this needs to be made by 12/31/16 for this year’s taxes.

You can take a federal tax deduction (not a tax credit) for the amount donated.

How can I make a donation?
Go to (click here) and donate 400.00 as a single person and 800.00 as a married couple. Once you have your taxes you will be able to take this as a donation on your  taxes. You tax preparer will be able to help you with this process.

What do the funds go to? The funds will go to our scholarship fund t help families in our program get the much needed therapy our program provides to families in our community

Please consider giving your end-of-year tax donation to a wonderful cause so that we can continue to provide for our therapy horses. Thank you for your kind donation, Merry Christmas to you and yours and happy holidays!

Charitable Organization 501(c)3

Recognized by the Federal Government and the State of Arizona
ID#  14 1988788


Kelley Hullihen, Founder

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