A 501c3 Non-Profit Charity Serving Metro Phoenix and the East Valley

Programs: Equine Therapies

Hoofbeats with Heart provides daily and weekly Equine-Assisted Therapy and Activity sessions conducted by licensed therapists, mental health professionals and trained Equine Specialists.

Referrals are accepted from the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities, private insurance, doctors, therapists, physical therapists, other therapy programs, community-based organizations and courts.

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Our NARHA-certified instructors teach riders to guide their equine partners to start, stop, turn and walk over obstacles. Horses help people feel that they can control their situation because of the direct correlation between the action of a rider and the reaction of the horse. Riding helps empower people and enables them to be more connected on a personal level. Therapeutic Riding has been recognized for more than fifty years for its significant physical and emotional benefits for persons with emotional, social, or psychological challenges.


This treatment takes place within a controlled environment where therapists use sensory exercises customized to the rider. The exercises in combination with the rhythmic motion of the horse develops balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. In conjunction with other treatments, these activities improve neurological function and sensory processing. These foundational skills can be applied to improve a wide range of daily activities.


Our program partners horses with humans. The approach is learning by interaction with the horse, but not as a rider. Focusing on a wide range of activities designed to practice social and life skills, therapists use the nature, character and instincts of the horse as a reflective tool.

Clients are able to learn about their own behavior based on the reaction of the horse. Clients can gain new insights to help them to modify behavior and apply the new learning in their every day personal and professional lives.


This therapy allows clients to have experiences, assisted by the horse, that teach humans about themselves, promotes recognition of dysfunctional patterns of behavior, and helps define healthy relationships.The horse as facilitator responds to the emotional state of the client. The Equine Specialist working with a licensed behavioral health professional interprets the horse’s behavior and reaction to the client, enabling clients to become aware of their own behaviour.