A 501c3 Non-Profit Charity Serving Metro Phoenix and the East Valley

Hoofbeats with Heart is proud to partner with Tracey Martin of TLM Coaching. Tracey is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and relentless visionary. When her and her sister decided as young girls that they wanted to be veterinarians, their dad nailed together a clinic sign and told them to go find animals to take care of. Anything was possible. When their family business came crashing down, they watched their parents worked tirelessly every day to rebuild what they had lost, without complaining. Tracey grew up knowing no one would hand her anything. She had to work for whatever she wanted in life. Resilience, integrity, and giving a damn are in her blood.

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Tracey’s current program “The Ripple Effect” is changing the narrative about how parents raise courageous teens. Scholarships are available to families who are unable to afford this program. To contact us and learn more, click below!