Kristen Cutlip

“My older boy has some sensory issues, so it was perfect for him to get away from the everyday life stimuli and into a complete other world. I really loved how his instructor included horse care basics into every session. It made the experience more salient, and meaningful; I truly believe that taking care of another being’s needs makes any child a better person.

My younger son had occupational therapy on horse back, but it was so much more beneficial than that! He also has low muscle tone, and poor balance, so hippo therapy addressed both those issues at the same time. His therapist, Ms. Barb, kept the Hippotherapy sessions routine, so they were always consistent for my child.

In addition, she kept them fresh by bringing a different lesson plan/theme every week. For example, a spring theme one week involved my son’s picking jelly beans from the therapist’s container on one side of the horse and pushing them through a hole into a container held by the side-walker on the other side of the horse. Had this activity been center-based, I’m sure Ms. Barb would still be picking up the jelly beans he’d flung around the room! The hippotherapy, and therapeutic riding programs were, without a doubt, time and money well spent for my boys. I can’t wait for this fall’s sessions!”