Laura Wochner

“My son Nathan is 4 years old and has Autism. When first presented with the opportunity to try Hippotherapy with his Physical Therapist, I was skeptical that he would even be able to join in the classes as he had to wear a helmet to participate. Nathan has never allowed anything to be near or on his head without a lot of anxiety. The first day it took three attempts to get the helmet on him, and he screamed the entire session. Although I was discouraged, the staff and therapists were forever patient, and they encouraged us not to give up.

By only the third week Nathan was willingly putting his helmet on, even reaching to help put it on his own head, not a tear was shed, and he participated that whole session and every session after! He got such a great workout each week, especially strengthening his core, legs and upper body by working on repositioning and remaining stable on the horse as it moved through the obstacle course. By the end of the 12-week sessions, he would start to get excited just when I turn the corner to come to the stables!”