This month’s featured volunteer is Alanis Murphey! Alanis is a fifteen year old high school  sophomore who loves volunteering at Hoofbeats! She loves the accepting environment and states that the children that come to Hoofbeats with Heart for therapy are some of the sweetest she has ever met.

Alanis is currently enrolled at two different high schools so she can remain active in NJROTC. This is the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. This program simulates life in a military branch while teaching responsibility to young adults.

Alanis’s favorite part of volunteering at Hoofbeats is her involvement with the animals. Especially the horses! She believes they provide a type of therapy you can’t get from being in a room. Alanis says, “Horses help heal your heart, even if you never knew it was broken”. There is also an incredible opportunity to bond and build a relationship with the animals. Alanis loves brushing, petting, feeding and riding. She believes the impact the animals have on us is incredible. This is why she loves volunteering with Hoofbeats with Heart. It is her second home!

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